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Maybe we all need to say what we think. Maybe everyone today has the same fear and the same hope to finally get out of it.

COVIDiary19 is a project born from the desire to listen, interact and know the different situations that each of us is experiencing. It is an open diary in which the rule is to tell the story. The Covid-19 virus has changed everyone’s life by bringing us to live our days the way we were not used to or had never experienced before.

The perpetual concern for the people we don’t have around, the suffering for those who live in the tragedies, the shortcomings, the impossibility of returning to our own countries – they all form only one side of a coin. What is more, our reflections have matured, the values have been rediscovered, the new idea of ​​family has been established and the anecdotes that help us escape from these sad days started to circulate the globe with an aim of making us smile.

This is COVIDiary19: a collection of testimonials to reread once we return to hug each other. To remind us that we have stayed strong.

The project was created by two Italians living in Spain. One boring afternoon, one said to the other he had a project on his mind, but in fact… it was mutual !

You could only spend so much time in the house once in a lifetime.
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