Recall, react, reflect

I can still remember the days in which my critical thinking and logical reasoning skills put into a test.

Weighing things, analyzing the events, googling the facts, and segregating legit and bluff Infos were driving me crazy.

Given the limited time to decide was not easy.

Given the Pros and Cons were not enough to voice my final call.

My hearts beat faster, and blood flows out of nowhere.

I listen carefully to my mind, heart, and soul for what they wanted me to do.

I stand by my decision and to stick to what has been plan and schedule.

My faith as a Christian was also challenged and put into trial.

I’m a person who thinks more on the positive sides than the opposite.

A person always looks for a light when dark, darker and darkest times come.

Giving up is not in my veins, but the spirit of being PROTON does.

What I have learned and realized for this experience were:

  1. Just face and trust your decision. If you found it wrong, be glad for it is an advantage for you to learn, grow, and improve as a person.
  2. Challenging yourself is a great avenue to inspire and create a connection that ripples to others.
  3. Standing still, be strong for others and have faith in him makes you a great model to someone who lost his/her string of connection to hope.
  4. Lastly, breaking your walls of shyness leads you to the doors of greatness.

I believe it happened for a reason. It is a test to test someone’s strengths and weaknesses. With a couple of scenes full of learnings and lessons and a picture of how someone survives and becomes stronger proves that

“Life is full of expected and unexpected surprises.”.

  • : Butuan City, Philippines
  • : 28
  • : Elementary Teacher

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