My covidiary

“Here’s my mobile number, I am active 24/7” the President of the Red Cross of my hometown told me with a melancholy look.

“We wish we could do more..hold on, take this mask and let’s go.”
I followed this group of volunteers delivering medicines and food for the elderly, immunosuppressed, people in quarantine or with chronic diseases, currently living alone.
In the stairways of forgotten houses, people appear in their dressing gowns, picking up the shopping bags and thanking them with emotion.
By documenting Coronavirus in Fasano, I want to give a face to those who stand in the background of this invisible battle.

Puglia (Italy), 26.03.2020  

  • : Fasano, Puglia, Italia
  • : Fasano
  • : 25
  • : Fotografo freelance

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