Waking up

Hello everybody,

I hope you all doing well. I am from Serbia and my Erasmus project is in Málaga, Spain. I had such a interesting and scary journey last month, before pandemic started. Actually, I was preparing to go to Serbia to present my Master thesis, and I was hoping it will be in the beginings of April. But, my flight was cancelled, because I had stop at Milano Bergamo airport. At that moment I realized, this is serious. Before, I didn’t think that Pandemic like this can occupy human beings, put them in such a tiny place and close them, but let me say freely, just phisicaly. This is such waking up, I said to myself, I was sad and happy in same moment. Sad because people is dying all around the world and it can be my mother, granny, father, fruends… Happy because our planet neeeded a break, break in natural sense, without guns and war fields, just a stop, restarta. I took first flight to Budapest, the nearest one to Serbia border, knowing that I can be stopped our be in quarantine for days before I enter to Serbia. Airport in Málaga, thst day, 14th of March was almost empty, just line of Ryanair. It was sad looking in all those frightened faces, families, couples. I Arrived to Budapest and I took a bus to Belgrade. When I arrived I called Epidemic center to tell that I am coming from infected area, thay said just isolate yourself for 14 days If you don’t have any symptoms, it is not necessary to exam you. I said okay, and now on 10th of April is my 27th day of isolation, by spervision of police everyday. I feel traped sometimes, but okay, I say prisoners are closed, animals, some tribes in the world, I will respect my freedom more after all this. But, also, I am learning a lot, italian for example, reading, talking to my friends, learning to cook, to rest, to be with myself… Maybe this is experience we should have, we will be more aware of simple things and we will be more grateful. Take care of yourselves, I am sending virtual hug, don’t let your spirit breakdown, learn to listen your mind and body, this is a great opportunity to start.

Also, I feel sorry for all of those who have lost somebody in this pandemic.


  • : Serbia
  • : Málaga
  • : 27
  • : Master student/volunteer

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