Diary of a rescuer

For about a year and a half, I am a volunteer at the Italian red cross. It is the best choice I have made in my life.

Helping others, it helps me too. If I can make someone feel good, I’m better too.

When I started, I never thought of finding myself in the current situation that we are all experiencing.

I remember the first Friday night, with the first Covid19 service. The procedures were still unclear, but there was worry in the air.

We are always exposed to dangerous infectious diseases, but we know how to act to reduce risks. We know them.

Hour by day the procedures change, they become more and more stringent in the interest of all and the fear increases. Because the Covid19 is still unknown.

When everything is over, I will never forget the look of my chief of service who first exposes himself, while I dress him and see him enter the home of a potentially infected patient. I will never forget the fear in the patient’s eyes. The gaze of the close relative who greets him with agony, fear, knowing that he may not see him again. The suffering of the patient who cannot shake hands with anyone during transport or in hospital. I will not forget our hospitals completely transformed into Covid19 centers, closed, sealed with the nurse completely covered, who goes up to the ambulance and takes the patient away. I will never forget the nights thinking if I made some mistakes and I may have contracted the virus too.

I really hope that this pandemic will end soon, and I’m worried for all people fragile or not understanding the risk.

I miss so much to hug my family or my friends.

This disaster is uniting us, there are many people who help in the struggle and I sincerely hope that even after it is all over, we will remain united, appreciating all that we can do in the small, but that it creates great things.

  • : Italy
  • : Milan
  • : 33
  • : Scrum Master

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