Enjoy the ride

Who’s got time to think about an “influence” when life’s not going as I would have wanted?

Drifting projects, interviews that didn’t work, all-time low self-esteem, it’s my world that was falling apart, not the one around me.
Now, among the many adjectives that I gave myself in 30 days, I didn’t think I could even add another more: selfish

What I learned in this quarantine very far from home is that it makes no sense wracking your brain in small details, magnifying problems and everything that doesn’t go according to plan in life because, oh well, life never goes as you want.

Perhaps, the slightest changes in my routine were not enough to make me understand that and destiny needed to shout it louder to make me understand this.

What I find paradoxical is that two months ago I was battling with a mental breakdown, forcing myself to go out for a walk. Now, when the world falls apart, the economy falls apart, and thousands of people die every day, my mind is focused, organized and supports those who face the emergency on the front lines every day.

With this testimony, I just want to make you understand that we’ re much stronger than we think, this crisis is a sign that will make us realise that it’s not a small failure in life that makes the difference about who we are. Being deprived of the most fundamental freedoms such as having a coffee at the bar or looking at the trees blooming while hanging out with your friends is a way to make us appreciate everything better afterwards.

For once, slowing down and looking at who we have next to us, reaching them out is the essence of our life. Running, consuming, prevaricating others where does it lead? At the end of the run, guys, we won’t win anything.

Once again slow down, support your companions and enjoy the ride.

  • : Sternatia (LE)
  • : Milan
  • : 26
  • : Communication specialist

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