Now, there’s time.

Remember those times when you just wanted to stay in? Fold yourself in bedsheets? Maybe even go as far as building a pillow fort.

Now that we’re confined to our very homes, it might be the best time to try it out. Let yourself explore all those pesky ideas you’ve put off because you didn’t have time.

Since I am one of the fortunate few being able to work from home, 8 hours of my day are still booked. However, I get to sleep more – no commute. I get to brew my own coffee. I get to use my comfy desk chair. I get to randomly take a shower during lunch break.

Living alone through this is not desirable. I was always more of a lone wolf, so I might not feel it as bad as others.

However, social distancing doesn’t mean we should avoid each other’s needs for interaction. Catch your neighbor while out on the balcony for a cigar and wave. Exchange a few words.

It’s tough out there. But tough times create great people. Here’s my advice to you:

Don’t you dare get bored! Learn, get comfy with your inner self, improve where you’re lacking, excel where you are good. A chance to get to know yourself this well may not come again. If you don’t come out of this better prepared, you never lacked time, you are lacking discipline.

  • : Brasov, Romania
  • : Brasov
  • : 26
  • : Engineer

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