Quarantine experience

Dear humankind,

We are all together in this and it makes it easier. Scariness was the first feeling that I felt but after applause for healthcare workers that fear was gone.

I was living in Malaga, in southern Spain, when notorious virus started to spread across the Europe. After Italy closed borders and whole country  I started to think more about potential consequences of that spreading. Cases started to increase in Spain also, so I decided to go to closest town in the country less infected, where I have a place to stay and to be with my family. I went to Lisbon. After that day the world started to close and I could not come back so my quarantine started here. First days were really tense and world was trying to confront new circumstances. News, reported by the media, were so focused on infected ones and victims, so I was aware that I need to stay at home. I supported and promoted that order which I am still doing, but now with less fear. Two weeks I am in quarantine and I do not find it hard or boring. Thinking about Earth recovery and the way that nature benefits from this situation, helped me to accept this situation as something that needed to happen. Still, thinking about economy consequences and habits that we must change after all this.

After I accepted that my life is going to change I continued with my regular activities in the house. It is enough to have body, brain and motivation in this situation to maintain mental and physical state. It is really challenging but the only way. Solidarity and tips that people are sharing are so encouraging in times like these.

“There is nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do”

  • : Podgorica / Montenegro
  • : Lisbon
  • : 26
  • : Volunteer

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