Life on pause

My name is Justine and I’m 23 years old. I’m from France and I study “cultural mediation”. In France we have to be confined and if we go out it’s really restricted. We have to carry an authorization and to have a good reason to go out (taking care of a sick relative, going to first necessity-shop, going to exercise – around the house, alone and not a long time – or going to some medical appointment or work).

For now, the punishment is 135 euros to pay to police. But it will probably be worst soon because people do not respect the rules. In shops and pharmacy we always have to respect 1 meter of distance. I was studying in Erasmus in Spain, in Andalusia. But as the situation was getting worst, my university forced me to come back to France.

So now I’m living in my father house with my sister, all the animals (it’s a real farm here : dogs, rabbits, fishes, cats and even pigeons) and my boyfriend, Blazej, who’s polish and who was studying with me in Spain.

First about the confinement I think it’s funny cause we complain about things we can’t do anymore but that we wouldn’t have been doing anyway. Like jogging, I’m complaining about the fact I can’t go to do more than an hour of jogging but the truth is that after 5 minutes of running I’m usually dying.

But I also think that we have some positive to take from this confinement: we have more time to do things we usually left undone. And it increase creativity of people, not only on social media but also at home, to find activities (TV, movies, society games, darf, Molki…).

We also realize the luck we have in everyday of normal life. Going out in a park, walking in the city without purpose…Now we realize our luck. Here in France, as Blazej is in my place, we try to make him discover French activities and food and he tries to cook polish and teach us some custom.

But it’s a really schizophrenic way of living cause we are playing darf, laughing with a glass of wine while the TV is on, giving us actualized number of death and infected people.

Personally, I feel like in a kind of bubble, like if it was a break in time. We wait for decision of our government to be taken and we know we are totally passive on it, our voice have no impact and we just have to wait.

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  • : Paris - France
  • : 23
  • : erasmus student

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